“Grandpa made me do it” (travel)

January 26th. Friday. Vegas The day started quite. I spend some time in the Word and read a few pages of the book Fearless (by Max Lucado) before my grandparents came and joined me. Grandma was off to the physical therapist, I and grandpa stayed behind to drink some coffee and explore a book of our ancestors. I grabbed the globe to visualize the movement … Continue reading “Grandpa made me do it” (travel)

Preparation for three weeks “unplanned” (travel)

January 25th. Thursday. Kalispell, first stop: Vegas Today is the day. The day I wake up as a newly 21-year-old (my birthday was yesterday). The day I pack, prepare, and fly to Vegas as the first stop of my “West Coast Adventure!” As I get ready to leave for my 3-week (21 days) adventure, I have accomplished very little planning. My current plans include my one-way … Continue reading Preparation for three weeks “unplanned” (travel)

Stop Stereotyping Success

So I have lots to say on this topic, but I want to keep this particular post short and simple. In our society today, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Been there, done that. Our appearance, our possessions, and most comically- our accomplishments. Even what we succeed is measured and compared with the world around us. At times I’ve even set a ‘personal’ goal … Continue reading Stop Stereotyping Success