F&S Project Introduction

Opening thoughts Hello there! Welcome to the introduction page for Fashion&Soul. You may be an inquiring artist desiring to collaborate, … More

Driven by Love

Something has shifted, a change so simply occurred . From obligation to opportunity, restlessness transformed to rest, chaos into completion, … More

Freed from Sadness

I didn’t ask for this to happen to me again . . . especially now. How is it that depression … More

Who Is He?

He has defeated death, overcome evil. My insecurities,  worries, and fear wash away. With Him, I am able to love … More

A Morning Motivation

Wake up Slowly No great need to rush Breathe What’s the first thing on my mind? Surrender so And just … More

Portland YES

February 4th. Super Bowl Sunday. Portland. Waking up at 4:30 yesterday sure allowed me to sleep in till 10 today … More

Away with Love

I can’t reach you, but still, think of you. I don’t see you, instead, remember you. Without any contact, my … More