Day 22-24 Challenge (dpp)


Thursday, February 21st

Well from working on Illustrator for over 5 hours yesterday… I must say my fingers (and even right arm) are quite sore. But, I have decided to do some research on vectorizing images in Illustrator. I thought up a vision of what I would like to create at the end, and thought an o9ld drawing I have a picture of would best fit photo on left). Messing around with the program and watching several videos got me as far as the photo on the right. After I tried placing that on an image background, to find that there was white space left after the trace. This is not what I wanted… but since I met the time criteria, I’ll wait to fix this problem in the next couple days.

Friday, February 22nd

I honestly didn’t do anything for my challenge today. After an early, and long day, at work… my motivation to do anything besides sleep is at a 0.

Saturday, February 23rd

Today I’m back to learning how to transfer a drawing into a more abstract design piece using illustartor.. and perhaps photoshop too. I found a video that gave me more direction of making the image traced product into a transparent path.

This video both reviewed how to “image trace” as well as utilizing the “expand” feature. Then, it went into deleting white space in order to get a transparent path.
And this is where it got me! My vision is to now transfer this outline onto a photographed background, and do what I need with filters, to show a more extensive understanding of the Adobe programs

After moving the image above onto a background, I realized that there was still more adjustments to be made. I went back through and deleted small white spaces left, made the remaining context black, and thickened the stroke. Then I went back into photoshop to layer it on top of an image from UNSLPLASH.

Here is a screenshot of my progress today. There is still a lot of experimentation to do.. as I will mess around with different background images the placement of my drawing on so.

My goal for the next two days is to learn more about clipping masks and utilize the tool on images that can coexist with what I have in process (above). In order to do this, I’ll search for similar styles, colors, and apply similar filters to the end products of the “wildcard assignment” drafts.


Wildcard Assignment (dpp)


February 21st

Wildcard timeline

For my wildcard assignment, I will teach myself more about clipping masks and vectorizing. I will then utilize one or both of use these tools to create a three-part logo for my brand. I honestly know nothing about clipping-masks and vectorizing images… so I cannot tell you how it’s going to turn out. The goal is to have three finished files to print and choose from. My favorite I plan to use as a spread in my portfolio.

In the next 2 days, I will develop sketches for this project, while watching youtube videos on clipping masks and vectorizing. The following two days I will work on the program towards completion of this assignment. The due date is next Tuesday, February 26th.

Day 20 & 21 (dpp)


Wednesday, February 20th

Yesterday (Day 20 I believe) I did nothing specific for my challenge besides taking photos of work from the past few days. Today, I started working on one of those drawings in Illustrator. Below, are photos of so.

Today I will continue to work on the illustrator version of the photo below, as well as create a new piece. This piece will hopefully act as a rough draft for this weeks “wildcard assignment.”

Marker free draw
Illustrator started
Final Version
Typography, sharpie on paper
Abstract sketch with pen and marker
(to later be drawn in Illustrator)

Find my wildcard assignment plan/timeline @

Day 16-19/40 Challenge (dpp)


Day 16, 17, 18, 19

Day 16 & 17. I honestly have not been up to speed with this challenge. Actually, so much so, that I don’t even remember if I even attempted to do it, and why not. It’s day 19 now, and I am updating this blog for the past four days.

I can say Day 18 & 19 because were better as both yesterday and today I worked on art that can be used in my portfolio. I drew and outlined typography of the words “let’s talk about style.” As well as drawing a little cartoon in pen (to eventually be transferred to illustrator). Both these took approximately 30 minutes, and they were completed with little distraction. I will post pictures back on this page probably tomorrow.

Anyways, my school week starts up again tomorrow and hopefully, I can get back on track with my challenge, along with other work I have not yet completed for classes. This blog, along with many other things, is definitely a hassle to update after being out for some time.

Shows that creating a habit is the best way to do something consistently over and over again… and breaking that habit can quickly break your desired path.

Day 14/40, 15/40 Challenge (dpp)


Day 14, Tuesday

Today in my conference I got a lot more direction for this class, as well as for this challenge. Right now I have a decent idea of what I’d like my portfolio to look like.. but a lot of work to complete (or at least recreate) to make it a reality. With encouragement from Dawn and Lisa, I’ve decided to shift my focus more on creating/completing work for this class in particular within my 30-minute “focus gaps.”

Though this can very well still include drawing I will also be able to work on design programs and in other mediums as well. I also noticed that blogging has already called me to a higher standard of writing every day, so it seems unnecessary to write for another 30 minutes on top of that. Especially, since I could be developing my portfolio instead.

So today I pulled some old drawing of mine and went over them in black marker. This evolves them to a standard that matches other pieces I am planning to use in my portfolio. This will also create an easier transition when going to vectorize them in photoshop (not that I know how to do that…yet). I don’t have pictures of my work done today, but its there! I also have laid pieces next to each other to see the compatibility of each next to the others. My portfolio is definitely short now, but will not be left that way.

Day 15, Wednesday

Though my focus has changed to working on pieces for my portfolio, today I did not have the time- patience- or really creativity left to work on my drawings. I trained a new barista today at work and had tons of school work to complete afterward- for my classes tomorrow. This included Illustrator homework… which honestly only leaves me frustrated and/or annoyed.

Luckily, I did journal and read this morning before work! This was a quiet time I carved out last night to relax before a long day. This quiet time lasted about 20 minutes. So, I’m going to count it! And if we’re being exact, I also read before bed last night. That could equal 30 minutes! Anyway, I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

Day 12/40, 13 /40 Challenge (dpp)


Day 12 Day Challenge (Sunday)

Today I did not complete my 40-day challenge. I did spend lots of time going over some of my designs in Illustrator. Yet, this does not count as it was not hands-on drawing, reading, or writing without distractions. With all the time I have on Sunday, it’s usually a challenge to do anything after I get off work… since all I want to do is rest. After eagerly working in Illustrator for about an hour I prepared myself for the week and surpassed completing my 30 minutes of focus. I did watch a movie or two with my mom though.

Looking at my patterns with this challenge, it’d be realistic to say I have (and will probably continue) to complete my challenge 6/7 days a week. Though this wasn’t my original attention, it could become a more reachable goal for the future. Especially, if I want to continue these practices far after the 40 days required.

Day 13 Day Challenge (Monday)

Mondays are my day to work on any school work I have not completed for the upcoming week. Therefore, it’s my one and only responsibility to wrap it up! Unlike last week, when I waited to do ALL my school work on Monday (spending about 7 very stressful hours in total), I allowed myself to goof off a bit during the day (this entailed rearranging my entire room and making food) and doing my remaining school work (about 2 hours worth) in the afternoon. Thirty minutes of that two hours I worked on my challenge! I may have surpassed the 30 marks as well, for I got very “lost” in the drawing I completed below drawing below. Not sure if you can tell, but that is quite the piece of paper. Bug enough that I used jumbo sharpies on the entire thing!

Free drawing all of it, I wondered what it would be like to draw in pencil first, erase, redo, and go over a more final draft in marker. I was pretty satisfied with what was completed in a short amount of time, but this is a design I could surely complete better if I were to spend a couple hours. Another option would be downloading it into illustrator and making edits on the program (edits that you cant make with marker).

Something awesome about the work I’m starting to do is that it looks like a series.. or a group… or a brand! I am noticing, and now being more intentional with, the ongoing look of my art that will coincide with my brand I will represent with this class. That brand strongly represents me.

Day 11/40 Challenge Continued (dpp)


Day 11 Day Challenge (Saturday)

On Saturdays, I usually go skiing, as it’s my only guaranteed day off from both work and school. But due to the gnarley weather this week, worsening today, the mountain was closed. This gave me valued time today to work on homework, run errands, and buy an awesome (used, AND affordable) desk! Part of the homework I did was messing around on Illustrator and InDesign to further develop my logo and start a layout for my resume. I also took time last night and this morning to read AND journal. This has set a nice pace for me to focus on myself, as well as what I need to remain in touch with my own life.

I can be very quick to meet others needs first, be social with friends before spending time alone, and show up to every event- no matter how tired I am. There has been a habit in my life to go go go, with little recollection of where I actually want to end up at. It seems as taking time to slow down will be a healthy habit for me to incorporate in my adult life. Spending time on creating and editing work that means a lot to me will also be a great way to see the value of an investment; opposed to the thrill of completing things fastly and/or without much thought. Even with money, I’m finding the strategy in buying nicer things (though it hurts the bank account more), to ensure a longer likeness, quality, and longevity of it.

Here’s an awesome article about investing in yourself and your future:

Day 9/40, Day 10/40  (dpp)


(Challenge Continued)

For these two days, I spent my 30+ minutes developing logo ideas for my brand. (pictures to still be posted). Though I attempted to draw an arrange of ideas, all seemed to stick to a very similar style. Looking at each page by the finish, I was quickly able to discern which ones I liked most. My intention is to pick my few favorites and download them into illustrator. From there I’ll draw over to use in my brand and magazine.

Day Nine (Drawing Without Distractions) Progress

Taking this time aside to invest in my future dreams has been very empowering. All it took was a large pad of paper, a package of sharpies, and time set aside to create. By the end of sketching, I was happy to look over my work and know that this is only the beginning. Even though I wasn’t proud of most of the drawings, I thought of the potential within them of what these ideas could still become. It was interesting to think of the development that could take place in the next year (in regards to my brand in particular) and consider the contentment with looking back at where it all started. These sketches I worked on these past two days, are that start.

Day Ten (Drawing Without Distractions) Progress

Day 7 & 8 (dpp)


Day 7/40, Day 8/40 (Day Challenge)

Dang, I would have liked to try this challenge in a slower season of my life. perhaps in the fall before starting school back up? Because, as valuable as reading/writing/drawing is to me, it still has been a struggle to complete 30 minutes of such in the past two days. Even if I’m intentional in remembering to complete my challenge, and planning to complete it at a certain point in my day; things are constantly coming up. With two full days at work yesterday and today, along with tons of school work… I chose to spend time relaxing socially instead of spending time alone without distractions. It seems like some days are wide open to investing in myself. Where others, tend to be nearly possible.

I hope that the longer this challenge goes and the more I do it, there will be more of a habit established in investing to things I love daily (whether or not there seems to be time). I will say that this is not only the practice I’ve recently been failing at. You could include working out, skiing on my days off, and spending as much time socially as I prefer. Again, this is all coming with the beginning of a new season.. back at school. To be honest, though, I don’t dislike it. I so far am actually enjoying having the structure, responsibility, and investment that’s come into being back in class. So not all bad, just new.

Artist Statement (dpp)


Developer/Artist Statement

PROMPT: What job are you going to apply for when you graduate?

When I graduate I will apply to work as a design director for Darling Magazine.

With an AAS in Graphic design, my personal blog/magazine, as well as a full portfolio combining writing, design, communication, and networking skills; I will be able to exhibit many qualifications for such a position.

My Artist Goals

with Darling Magazine will include the following:

  • Give thorough feedback to interns, volunteers, and employees
  • Stay true to the magazine’s vision
  • Cultivate a healthy, professional, and positive environment
  • Focus on the brand of Daling Magazine, and market it accordingly
  • Manage time wisely and help others meet deadlines
  • Put standards in place to be met by everyone in the company
  • Assign projects to each individual in retrospect to their strength

My Style




Portfolio Idea

For my portfolio, I will present the final print of Fashion&Soul Magazine. This will be in the form of an actual magazine displaying design, writing and networking skills. How? The layout will demonstrate skills in InDesign, as well as my natural eye for spacing, color, line, style, and distribution within a developed piece. My writing will be shown throughout the project, as 75% of the articles are personally written by me. Networking skills are established within the entire production, as all photography incorporated is done by different artists around the world (all in which I have personally contracted through social media, email, and interrelations).

How can this class challenge you?

This class is challenging me as I must create new content throughout the course (on top of the assignments assigned) in order to fulfill the portfolio requirements. I am not in my last semester of the AAS program, therefore am underqualified compared to other students. I have some experience in varying graphic design programs but have yet to complete (or even be in) any second level courses. For this reason, I must be creative in presenting work outside of registered classes. I am already being challenged for creating a brand for myself outside of a typical graphic designer profile as that is not an immediate goal with my schooling. Instead, to gain the skills of the design programs to professionally finish the first edition of my magazine.