Interview Question Practice


Tell me about yourself?

My name is felicia and I am applying to be the fashion photographer for this retail chain. I am qualified for this position as I am experienced in photography, knowledgable in the fundamentals of design, experienced in adobe, thorough in communication, and hardworking. I am a strong communicator with co workers, as well as clients. Listening to what others envision and doing whatever I can to create make that vision come true is my passion. I am strongest in doing this when it includes the mediums of design, fashion, and photography.

My abilities include operating sites such as WordPress efficiently, utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, knowing adobe programs such as photoshop and InDesign, understanding business and marketing terminology, creating excel sheets, following a schedule, working with others, and turning projects in on time.

Why should we hire you?

I have taken every opportunity that’s come my way to gain experience in interpersonal communication, self development, leadership training, and lastly artistic skills. Though I have a lot to still learn I am persistent in doing what is asked of me, pushing myself, and going above and beyond. I maintain a healthy and productive life outside of work, and even school, to set my self up for every day success. I will always come to work excited to create, intrigued to grow, and excited to be part of this company.

Describe your biggest relevant accomplishment you’ve had within the past few years.

In the past 8 months I have transitioned from traveling and working part time (in between my travels) to going to school and working full time. This doesn’t seem that crazy in itself but has more to do with the contrast between two life styles. The one I desire, and the one I must pass through to get there. My dream is to own my own business, travel A LOT, and freelance in between. I came to the challenge earlier this year that none of those things happen with wishes. After spending the fall in Switzerland doing a project development course, all I wanted to do was travel around Europe, see friends, and goof around. The problem was I was out of money… and out of realistic reason to stay. Though spending time on trains and planes, eating out at new places, and getting coffee with friends is fun; I still desired to work in some way and needed the money for times in between.

It was in that experience that I faced coming back to Montana to pay off my credit cards, work enough to save (with starting a business in the next 5 years in mind), and go to school again for graphic design. So here I am, kinda in the middle of that accomplishment. Staying in one place for an extended amount of time, buying groceries to eat at home, and going straight from work to school with a greater goal in mind.

Describe a situation when you encountered a problem at work. What was your reaction and how did you approach resolving the issues?

I am one of those people that struggle with confrontation. So, I’ve been confronted with problems at work the past few months in regards to needing to confront my co-workers in both a positive and professional way. I am the barista trainer for Kalispell and therefore am responsible for training and ensuring all baristas are following company training, standards, and procedures. An issue that comes up is one a trainee continues to do something wrong over and over again. Because now it’s my job to correct them. Many times, more than once. My approach to making this more comfortable for both them and I is leaning into building relationship with coworkers/trainees, in which they trust my intentions. This means communicating in a way that proves the fact that I am trying to better their skills, instead of pointing out their mistakes. Even verbally communicating that has been huge! This resolution also includes me being open to feedback, questions, and opposition I may receive from them. Overall, it has been a positive lesson in learning how to confront others in the training process.


Portfolio Update / April 6th


What have I completed in the past two days?

Not a ton, but some.

I’ve done some more photo editing! Which also entails starting to edit a photo to decide I no longer like it…

Excited to put this one in a mockup!
Couldn’t quite edit this one like I wanted to… probably won’t use this in my portfolio even though I spend 40 minutes editing it.

I’ve gotten a more refined idea of the mockups i’m going to use in my blurb book:

I have also sorted through Morgan’s shoot to edit in the next two days!

Portfolio Update / April 4th


“It’s time for an update!  What have you completed?  What are you currently working on?  What are your plans for the next few days? Please include screenshots of your work.”

I have completed about half the edits on Ava’s photo shoot and started creating mockups with so. These have led me to having a better idea what the blurb book spreads will look like… and what work I still need to refine.

The next thing to complete on s couple of these mockups is adding text, so the layer actually looks like an advertisement (not just a photograph).

By the weekend I’ll need to edit one more shoot I recently did (Morgan) and finalize the photos I will feature on my portfolio for the upcoming conference.

I have a feeling some of my spreads will change as I will be conducting a few more shoots and edits before the final portfolio is due. Still, having this first draft done will enable me to know exactly what work I need for the finishing touches.

My business card and resume are in good standing. Monday will be my day to finalize these, and print.

Still in need of font on right side of figure. I am happy with the colors tied in between the photograph and the mockup background.
This one is final as of right now. Had a lot of back and forth with the wall background. After trying purples, greens, and different shades of grey… the textured white wins!

Another one still in need of text. The photograph is showing up in this mockup as raw… though it has been edited. I will need to fix this and fill in space to the left of “advertisement” with some advertising! I am happy with the mockup and photograph used as of now.

My leave behind will be a photo strip, include my contact information on one of the quadrants and three of my top photos on the reaming. I am putting this off till I choose a group of my best photos to utilize on this. I also need to create a document similar to my business card (but as a square) to fit my name, title, website, phone number and email.

I’d like to have two different versions of my leave behind! Both with the same contact information, but different photos featured around it.

Portfolio Update / April 2nd


This is no April fools joke… I have spend over 30 hours working on my photography, personal branding, and mockups this past week. Add that awesomeness on top of working overtime all spring break, I undoubtedly disregarded my notes and fully accomplished believing that conferences and the blurb book… were due today. But guess what, conferences are next week and I officially stressed out all weekend for no real reason. The good news is that I am OFFICIALLY ahead… for the first time all semester. Yay!

So here’s some of the work I’ve completed over spring break :


Photo Editing

Uploading into magazine

Editing Illustrations



Business card

Leave behinds

And here are my goals for the next 7 days… prior to the REAL conference date, April 9th :

  1. Continue editing first 4 shoots. (three are used in the work above).
  2. Conduct a 5th photo shoot with new model and complete 5 final edits
  3. Finalize business card, resume, and mockups that have already been started
  4. Create 3 more mockups with new work
  5. Figure out best way to present magazine pages in portfolio… (mockups, indesign files, as a grid?)
  6. Figure out blurb plug in and insert work into book
  7. Print all this and look it over before conference

Wrapping Up the 40 Day Challenge (dpp)


This is the final blog in my recent 40 day challenge project for my Digital Portfolio Presentation class. I will say it hasn’t been the most successful finish for me. As for the last 5 days, I have not blogged or done a ton of work towards my “challenge goal.” My challenge goal has changed several times within the time of 40 days, but most recently was altered to focus on my photography.

In the last week I have been confronted with many trials between being sick, changes at work, and instability in my living situation. Due to the sequence of these events, I have totally fallen behind in school this week, and in the pursuit of taking photos for my portfolio.

The SUCESS in this, is I finally planed and completed my first photoshoot today! After stepping away from photography and the use of photoshop for over a year, only doing some research in the past 10 days; today was the beginning of something that I will continue in order to complete my portfolio as desired.

Here are some of the photos I took of my friend Stephanie today (currently unedited): Hope you like them! I see so much potential in what I have here. And me, Stephanie, and friends will be doing a longer and more stylized shoot this weekend! It’s been a slow start, but a great one in my opinion.

Day 34 & 35 / 40 Challenge (dpp)


Monday, February 4th, Day 34

Today I woke up sick! YAY! With lots of work to still do on my wildcard project and resume before tomorrow, I will be doing what I can to not look sick and go use wifi at a local coffee shop! I don’t think caffeine is the best thing for you when sick… but I’ll need a little in me to push through the work I have left today.

I did some more browsing on Pinterest, unsplash, and Instagram to acquire more inspiration for my photo taking. I had planned to take photos of my sister today, but due to the fact I can’t breathe well and its 4 degrees outside… photo taking will have to be postponed once again.

Tuesday, February 5th, Day 35

Today I called into work, and have spent my day thus far in bed couching. Nothing quite like being sick when you can’t really afford to. But I have yet to be miraculously healed so I will be missing school today as well.

I have reached out to two more friends today about taking photos in the next 10 days, so that’s a success! I am also considering taking a road trip or two in the next month to take photos in some new scenery. I love the look of city settings, so heading to somewhere like Seattle later in the month would be awesome! What’s holding me back most right now is a scarcity of finances and working 32-40 hours a week.

Day 32 + 33 Challenge (dpp)


Saturday, March 2 (Day 32)

Today I took a break from the photography focus, and went back to my art basics, and completed some sketches! My favorite thing to sketch is the face/body of women, so this ties in well with my “fashion focus” throughout my portfolio.

Sunday, March 3 (Day 33)

Today I gained lots of inspiration for my challenge by finding Instagram handles of people that produce photography similar to my artist goals. I initially wanted to take some photos yesterday and today, but plans changed, pushing back photo shooting opportunities a couple days.

Day 30 + 31 Challenge (dpp)


Thursday, February 28 (Day 30), Friday, March 1 (Day 31)

Yesterday and today, for my challenge, I did more research on photography. I took a photography class two years ago, and know the basics, but it’s going to be a new push to get back into it. I am lucky to have a camera rented out for my video class that also has a still mode. I will be experimenting more with the settings on it as I get used to using it for both video and photo.

Here are some of the concepts that really spoke to me today throughout my research of fashion photography basics.

1. Tell a Story

This will be a big one for me. I want to take photos that mean more than they come off to be. I value storytelling a ton, and I totally believe that pictures can speak so loud when it comes to storyline. I think the best way to tell a story through fashion photography is to start with the context in mind. With that as the forefront, I would be more aware of the background set, the clothes worn, and the position of the model. Browsing through fashion magazines you’ll find photos that have the surroundings that give hints to what was happening before the photo was snapped… and perhaps what may happen after. I think that’s so special because it allows the viewer’s imagination to wander beyond the picture.

Here are two examples that I found to represent this concept!

2. Highlight the Fashion

To me, this means making it about more than just the face/body of the model! That’s what separates fashion photography from portrait photography, it’s about the clothes-the design-the accessories features in the photo! By highlighting the fashion in my photos I will gain a unique audience that is drawn to the style in my photos.

3. Interact With The Environment

I think this is an important tie into “telling a story” and “highlighting the fashion” because photos without interaction are BORING! Props, place, and position will all be variables that I will experiment with in my picture taking. These tools ensure photos from coming off flat and unstimulating. And I don’t want to produce art that is flat and unstimulating!

Day 28 & 29 /40 Challenge (dpp)


February 26th, Tuesday (day 28)

I realized today that my numbers have been a little bit off for my challenge. I completed “day 26” yesterday, but am suppose to my on “day 28” today, so we’re gonna start there. (I’m assuming I just missed a day somewhere and didn’t realize because I forgot to blog that day).

So my attention is shifting again to this class, and now it’s going to lean more towards fashion photography. I don’t have tons of photography experience.. but actually still would say I’m more comfortable with it than I am with Adobe programs (such as illustrator). I won’t have the time or capacity to take photos every day but will be able to work towards becoming a more developed photographer every day (in different ways).

That right now looks like planning photo shoots and designing style ideas for them. It will consist of me connecting with people that I can photograph and plan places to go. Along with what clothes they’ll wear! The end goal will still be to incorporate all this work into my portfolio, fitting my brand.

So today, I stressed out for far over 30 minutes, trying to figure that out.

40-day challenge complete!!

February 27th, Wednesday (day 29)

Today I got a better idea of the photography goals I need to set. The first goal is to gather up the clothing style I want to photograph (many of that will be saved through Pinterest). I also have the vision of creating spreads of photography that shows a “full body” image on the left, and a “close up” view of a single piece of clothing on the right.

This will help me be able to focus on photographing people as a whole, but then also switch over to focusing on the clothes/accessories/shoes as individuals. This is the look I want for the magazine and my portfolio!

So I spend lots of time on Pinterest last night and today, as well as contacted two solid people that I can photograph in the next two weeks. I have also set up times this weekend while I’m in Missoula to do some street photography.

Day 25 & 26 Challenge (dpp)


Sunday, February 24th

Honestly, I don’t even remember what I did today.

Monday, February 25

Today I sure did complete my challenge, and work towards the finish of my “wildcard assignment,” but didn’t exactly come to the results I desired.

I wanted to use clipping masks to practically “fill” my drawings with a background image. I wasn’t able to figure this technique out for the layers I was trying to use. After watching videos, it seemed that I need to use more simple shapes over an image to mask thoroughly.

So, I ended up doing some sketchy “erasing” technique I made up to get similar results… mostly to show the look I was looking for. Here it is.

Erasing around my vectorized outline merged with the background photo
(taken from illustrator)
Bringing in the vectorized line (again, from illustrator), and placing the layer on top, to redefine black outlines of the dancer.
Oh, and I increased brightness and decreased the opacity of the underlying image to better see black details within the drawing.

Anyways, that part of my experimentation didn’t go great, but I also worked on other images and got some exciting results.

Vectorized with white space deleted out
Restyled with color and typography

I also worked a ton on my resume and business cards today! I went into my InDesign file from my magazine and copied much of the style, fonts, and format design I used in that project! The piece above also displays similar attributes.