F&S Project Introduction

Opening thoughts Hello there! Welcome to the introduction page for Fashion&Soul. You may be an inquiring artist desiring to collaborate, a friend that wanted to check out what I’m currently working on, or a total stranger that knows nothing about me or this project – and just ended up on this page somehow. No matter […]

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Fashion & Soul pt.1

Opening Notes Starting these pieces of writing has been more challenging than I ever expected. Here I am, trying to empower people to seek truth, freedom, and renewal in their lives and wardrobe; yet, I am in need of these same revelations. In my attempt to encourage readers to let go of what people think; […]

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Fashion & Soul pt. 2

Planting Truth Truth: Real, genuine, authentic, sincere, and not deceitful. To hold honesty, integrity; to be in line with reality. Uncompromised belief, immovable standards Truth is a hard place to start. In a world filled with so many voices; it’s nearly impossible to know what’s true anymore. How do we line ourselves up with reality […]

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Fashion & Soul pt. 3

Finding Freedom Freedom: When you know you can, but you don’t have to; it’s not the rule that stops you, but the choice to follow set parameters that will keep you safe. You roll out of bed in the morning and head straight for your closet. Another morning of “what to wear.” Your first hope […]

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Fashion & Soul pt. 4

Reinventing New Renewal: to make like new: RESTORE to freshness, revive, rebuild, resume, restore, repeat New is exciting. I witness over and over again in my life the excitement of a new beginning. Still, no matter how much I desire change, I so often feel stuck in the same old routines. “I’m the same old […]

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Fashion & Soul pt. 5

Closing Notes I believe with my whole being that there is truth, freedom, and renewal waiting for us all. No matter who you are, what you’ve done, where you’re from, or how people see you; you have been gifted with potential deeper than understanding. I believe no matter how empty you feel right now, there’s […]

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Driven by Love

Something has shifted, a change so simply occurred . From obligation to opportunity, restlessness transformed to rest, chaos into completion, compassion made her way inside. I found faith overcome fear, grace against failure. As the fear of “what if ” changed into faith for what it already was…. I grew to be free. Before me […]

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