Felicia here, and please don’t say “bye felicia” just yet. I’m here to share my experiences, my thoughts, and my ideas with you. Why?  Because I believe you’re part of them. As a globe, as a generation, as a community, we have the capability to bring our perfect uniqueness together in unity. Blogging is one of the many ways this is made possible, and for that reason, I am here.

I am 19, currently in the beautiful state of Montana. I have a poodle named CB, three amazing siblings, and rad friends all over the place. For the past year, I’ve been part of a nationwide Christian missions organization (YWAM), which has brought me places I would have never even dream of [geogrphically and spiritually].  I have an eye for design, a heart for justice, and a passion for the arts! I love doing many things which include (but are not limited to) doodling on my notes, writing short stories, skiing in the trees, trying on things I can’t afford, cooking things I don’t know how to cook, reorganizing my room, listening to rap, chasing my dog around the kitchen table, having friends over for tea, getting lost in the mountains, getting lost in the mall, laughing at myself, laughing with others, going out to eat, hugging strangers, designing clothes {even though i’m still learning how to sew}, reading magazine articles, hearing people’s stories, decorating everything, playing board games, being weird with my family, being weird in general, painting pictures, eating sushi, running down hills {not as stoked about running up them}, swimming in pretty lakes, hiking pretty trails,  seeing pretty houses, creating collages, dreaming irrationally, going on road trips, breathing fresh air, and so on…

I live a life saved by grace, filled with passion, and orchestrated by love; as I believe in the freedom gained through Christ Jesus! My hope is to encourage you, inspire you, and walk beside you on this beautiful journey. Let’s dive into the supernatural, wander into the unknown, and ignite the fire within us to chase after even our wildest of dreams.