40 Day Blog

Introduction: This semester I am in a class called “Digital Portfolio Presentation.” Our first project in this class was to imagine our “ideal day.” practically, daydreaming of our best life in five (or three) years from now. Taking into consideration the practices we would carry throughout this day, we will be challenged to implement one of them for 40 days. So, that’s what this project is about! I will not only choose one thing to do every day for 40 days but also blog about my daily progress.

Sunday, Jan 27: I have decided that for my 40-day challenge, I will research a new place I want to experience one day. Travel is heavy on my heart and a big part of my five-year plan. Since I’ve experienced travel to be the most beneficial way for me to learn, grow, and create (yet am not in the circumstances to do a ton of it right now), I thought this would be a great way to expand my knowledge of new places without going there,… just yet. I will also set a goal to express my new knowledge/interest in these places by drawing/writing something that refers to so. This will also create a tangible project that I can look back on and t remember the progress of interest I gain. I Believe this will be a great practice to implement into every day, whether I spend 10 minutes on it or two hours. I think this will also motivate me to work hard in school, set direct intentions, and save money; so eventually I can go to these places I dream of experiencing! Here we go!