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This past week our school traveled up to Washington, to spend the week learning how to develop our vision. And no better person to do it with then Matt. A former YWAMer who has been pursuing a word given to him from the Lord these past 10 years, and has found him self at the top of designing and building tiny homes. Beyond his success, he has a heart to champion others in going and their dreams and provide the knowledge and skills to individuals at all different levels of the journey.

I could probably write a short book on all I took away from this past week. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge to spend several hours on how much the content impacted me. Yes, I could list out revelation after revelation I gained over our time away… but I am going to attempt to make this simple in solely outlining what we learned this week with making brief commentary on how different points made me feel. So, here we go!

No task is too small a vessel to hold the immense dignity of work given by God. As long as we work with our head, heart, and hands; we are capable of creating deep meaning in everything we do. This gives new meaning to small beginnings, because personal excellence comes in doing the best you can with what you have today. It’s then that we acquire more piece by piece. This is why it’s important to not hold off big dreams till we’re “ready.” If we never start moving towards something greater than us, we’ll get stuck in our insecurities, fears and deficiencies. This will leave us stagnant in our journey of taking risks… which also is necessary in success.

“Prepare yourself, God is about to do something really really small.”

“Delay is the worst decision you can make.”

This component really spoke to me because I quickly get overwhelmed by big picture thinking. So the idea of simplifying the beginning really helped me view my long term goals in new light. I’m challenging myself to make steps forward everyday that help me gain the knowledge and experience necessary for my greater vision. Even if I fail with the small things, I can only lose what I have, and not anymore. Even in finances it’s so intriguing to spend a massive amount in a new business venture or idea, but the risk becomes too large to even be possible… and then I withdraw the idea completely. Instead I want to pour into the hobbies, skills, and opportunities that are already part of my world, and create income from those first. If there is financial success, I will be more equipped to take the next step forward.

“What are your side hustles that are enhancing and developing your skills that are important to your vision?”

Creativity is such an important component in our lives. It is vital in making our visions thrive. And for me, I desire for it to be the foundation of everything I do. Matt taught that just like a muscle, our creativity must be stressed, stretched, and challenged in order to grow. This can be challenging in times of creative blocks… especially when I don’t have a clear place to start. In drawing, in design, in photography, in business plan development, I only have so much to work off of… because I am still learning basics. I was encouraged by these words in reference to vocation meeting calling:

“In the beginning you may mimic other peoples styles and skills, but with time you’ll develop your own voice out of that.”

Another them from this week that spoke intently to me was the idea of team. Even amongst those in your same field, something beautiful happens when we don’t feel the need to compete because we are secure enough in ourselves and our work that we instead become a platform for others to succeed. Not instead of us, but along side of us. This ties into the biblical principle that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Many, including myself, also believes that when we give there is new space for God to download something even greater in us. It’s amazing to take this approach, because from there many opportunities open to connect with people on our level. Which is another challenge I’ve set for myself! I’ve met a handful of people in the fields that spark my interest most, but I am guilty for not being intentional in those relationships. This is something I want to work on because I know there is immense value in cultivating a group of people I can champion, encourage, and support in their journey- and vise versa.

“Get with God and create value in the world around you.”

A concept that has spoken to me over and over again, in both Christian and business based teachings, is the correlation between one’s values (or a company’s values) and what they produce (their product). I was pulled in by the objection to look at my dreams through a scope of righteous anger. What do you have a righteous anger towards? And why? It most likely comes against your deepest values. And in it, there’s probably a solution you see… and therefore have the power to create. Perhaps the solution is already created, and it’s your time to be apart of it.

This weirdly comes in line with the things we’re naturally good at. This in my opinion is clear evidence that God gives provides us with particular skills, passions, and dreams to create change in the areas that our heart leans toward. This is why when we work with what we’ve been given, and out of the motives we had before money/success/and peoples opinions matter, we tap into vision that stretches our capacity. Plus, within the depth that we truly care about what we’re doing and it’s impact- we go beyond any basic standard of holding a job we “don’t hate” and being content with the bare minimum. We seek more than just a decent paycheck and a safe neighborhood. We enter a place of serious influence and immense purpose.Plus, utilizing our God-given gifts is an act of worship- and I think that’s amazing.

“Love God with your mind and your imagination.”

Like I Said, there is so much more I could put in this blog! But, I think this is enough to process for right now. Thanks for reading! May we all begin to create more than we consume, and generously give more than we feel entitled to receive. There is always more. So, keep on going.

God bless 🙂

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