Interview Question Practice

Tell me about yourself?

My name is felicia and I am applying to be the fashion photographer for this retail chain. I am qualified for this position as I am experienced in photography, knowledgable in the fundamentals of design, experienced in adobe, thorough in communication, and hardworking. I am a strong communicator with co workers, as well as clients. Listening to what others envision and doing whatever I can to create make that vision come true is my passion. I am strongest in doing this when it includes the mediums of design, fashion, and photography.

My abilities include operating sites such as WordPress efficiently, utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, knowing adobe programs such as photoshop and InDesign, understanding business and marketing terminology, creating excel sheets, following a schedule, working with others, and turning projects in on time.

Why should we hire you?

I have taken every opportunity that’s come my way to gain experience in interpersonal communication, self development, leadership training, and lastly artistic skills. Though I have a lot to still learn I am persistent in doing what is asked of me, pushing myself, and going above and beyond. I maintain a healthy and productive life outside of work, and even school, to set my self up for every day success. I will always come to work excited to create, intrigued to grow, and excited to be part of this company.

Describe your biggest relevant accomplishment you’ve had within the past few years.

In the past 8 months I have transitioned from traveling and working part time (in between my travels) to going to school and working full time. This doesn’t seem that crazy in itself but has more to do with the contrast between two life styles. The one I desire, and the one I must pass through to get there. My dream is to own my own business, travel A LOT, and freelance in between. I came to the challenge earlier this year that none of those things happen with wishes. After spending the fall in Switzerland doing a project development course, all I wanted to do was travel around Europe, see friends, and goof around. The problem was I was out of money… and out of realistic reason to stay. Though spending time on trains and planes, eating out at new places, and getting coffee with friends is fun; I still desired to work in some way and needed the money for times in between.

It was in that experience that I faced coming back to Montana to pay off my credit cards, work enough to save (with starting a business in the next 5 years in mind), and go to school again for graphic design. So here I am, kinda in the middle of that accomplishment. Staying in one place for an extended amount of time, buying groceries to eat at home, and going straight from work to school with a greater goal in mind.

Describe a situation when you encountered a problem at work. What was your reaction and how did you approach resolving the issues?

I am one of those people that struggle with confrontation. So, I’ve been confronted with problems at work the past few months in regards to needing to confront my co-workers in both a positive and professional way. I am the barista trainer for Kalispell and therefore am responsible for training and ensuring all baristas are following company training, standards, and procedures. An issue that comes up is one a trainee continues to do something wrong over and over again. Because now it’s my job to correct them. Many times, more than once. My approach to making this more comfortable for both them and I is leaning into building relationship with coworkers/trainees, in which they trust my intentions. This means communicating in a way that proves the fact that I am trying to better their skills, instead of pointing out their mistakes. Even verbally communicating that has been huge! This resolution also includes me being open to feedback, questions, and opposition I may receive from them. Overall, it has been a positive lesson in learning how to confront others in the training process.

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