Portfolio Update / April 4th


“It’s time for an update!  What have you completed?  What are you currently working on?  What are your plans for the next few days? Please include screenshots of your work.”

I have completed about half the edits on Ava’s photo shoot and started creating mockups with so. These have led me to having a better idea what the blurb book spreads will look like… and what work I still need to refine.

The next thing to complete on s couple of these mockups is adding text, so the layer actually looks like an advertisement (not just a photograph).

By the weekend I’ll need to edit one more shoot I recently did (Morgan) and finalize the photos I will feature on my portfolio for the upcoming conference.

I have a feeling some of my spreads will change as I will be conducting a few more shoots and edits before the final portfolio is due. Still, having this first draft done will enable me to know exactly what work I need for the finishing touches.

My business card and resume are in good standing. Monday will be my day to finalize these, and print.

Still in need of font on right side of figure. I am happy with the colors tied in between the photograph and the mockup background.
This one is final as of right now. Had a lot of back and forth with the wall background. After trying purples, greens, and different shades of grey… the textured white wins!

Another one still in need of text. The photograph is showing up in this mockup as raw… though it has been edited. I will need to fix this and fill in space to the left of “advertisement” with some advertising! I am happy with the mockup and photograph used as of now.

My leave behind will be a photo strip, include my contact information on one of the quadrants and three of my top photos on the reaming. I am putting this off till I choose a group of my best photos to utilize on this. I also need to create a document similar to my business card (but as a square) to fit my name, title, website, phone number and email.

I’d like to have two different versions of my leave behind! Both with the same contact information, but different photos featured around it.

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