Portfolio Update (dpp)

April 2nd 2019

This is no April fools joke… I have spend over 30 hours working on my photography, personal branding, and mockups this past week. Add that awesomeness on top of working overtime all spring break, I undoubtedly disregarded my notes and fully accomplished believing that conferences and the blurb book… were due today. But guess what, conferences are next week and I officially stressed out all weekend for no real reason. The good news is that I am OFFICIALLY ahead… for the first time all semester. Yay!

So here’s some of the work I’ve completed over spring break :


Photo Editing

Uploading into magazine

Editing Illustrations



Business card

Leave behinds

And here are my goals for the next 7 days… prior to the REAL conference date, April 9th :

  1. Continue editing first 4 shoots. (three are used in the work above).
  2. Conduct a 5th photo shoot with new model and complete 5 final edits
  3. Finalize business card, resume, and mockups that have already been started
  4. Create 3 more mockups with new work
  5. Figure out best way to present magazine pages in portfolio… (mockups, indesign files, as a grid?)
  6. Figure out blurb plug in and insert work into book
  7. Print all this and look it over before conference

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