Wrapping Up the 40 Day Challenge (dpp)

This is the final blog in my recent 40 day challenge project for my Digital Portfolio Presentation class. I will say it hasn’t been the most successful finish for me. As for the last 5 days, I have not blogged or done a ton of work towards my “challenge goal.” My challenge goal has changed several times within the time of 40 days, but most recently was altered to focus on my photography.

In the last week I have been confronted with many trials between being sick, changes at work, and instability in my living situation. Due to the sequence of these events, I have totally fallen behind in school this week, and in the pursuit of taking photos for my portfolio.

The SUCESS in this, is I finally planed and completed my first photoshoot today! After stepping away from photography and the use of photoshop for over a year, only doing some research in the past 10 days; today was the beginning of something that I will continue in order to complete my portfolio as desired.

Here are some of the photos I took of my friend Stephanie today (currently unedited): Hope you like them! I see so much potential in what I have here. And me, Stephanie, and friends will be doing a longer and more stylized shoot this weekend! It’s been a slow start, but a great one in my opinion.

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