Day 34 & 35 / 40 Challenge (dpp)


Monday, February 4th, Day 34

Today I woke up sick! YAY! With lots of work to still do on my wildcard project and resume before tomorrow, I will be doing what I can to not look sick and go use wifi at a local coffee shop! I don’t think caffeine is the best thing for you when sick… but I’ll need a little in me to push through the work I have left today.

I did some more browsing on Pinterest, unsplash, and Instagram to acquire more inspiration for my photo taking. I had planned to take photos of my sister today, but due to the fact I can’t breathe well and its 4 degrees outside… photo taking will have to be postponed once again.

Tuesday, February 5th, Day 35

Today I called into work, and have spent my day thus far in bed couching. Nothing quite like being sick when you can’t really afford to. But I have yet to be miraculously healed so I will be missing school today as well.

I have reached out to two more friends today about taking photos in the next 10 days, so that’s a success! I am also considering taking a road trip or two in the next month to take photos in some new scenery. I love the look of city settings, so heading to somewhere like Seattle later in the month would be awesome! What’s holding me back most right now is a scarcity of finances and working 32-40 hours a week.


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