Day 30 + 31 Challenge (dpp)


Thursday, February 28 (Day 30), Friday, March 1 (Day 31)

Yesterday and today, for my challenge, I did more research on photography. I took a photography class two years ago, and know the basics, but it’s going to be a new push to get back into it. I am lucky to have a camera rented out for my video class that also has a still mode. I will be experimenting more with the settings on it as I get used to using it for both video and photo.

Here are some of the concepts that really spoke to me today throughout my research of fashion photography basics.

1. Tell a Story

This will be a big one for me. I want to take photos that mean more than they come off to be. I value storytelling a ton, and I totally believe that pictures can speak so loud when it comes to storyline. I think the best way to tell a story through fashion photography is to start with the context in mind. With that as the forefront, I would be more aware of the background set, the clothes worn, and the position of the model. Browsing through fashion magazines you’ll find photos that have the surroundings that give hints to what was happening before the photo was snapped… and perhaps what may happen after. I think that’s so special because it allows the viewer’s imagination to wander beyond the picture.

Here are two examples that I found to represent this concept!

2. Highlight the Fashion

To me, this means making it about more than just the face/body of the model! That’s what separates fashion photography from portrait photography, it’s about the clothes-the design-the accessories features in the photo! By highlighting the fashion in my photos I will gain a unique audience that is drawn to the style in my photos.

3. Interact With The Environment

I think this is an important tie into “telling a story” and “highlighting the fashion” because photos without interaction are BORING! Props, place, and position will all be variables that I will experiment with in my picture taking. These tools ensure photos from coming off flat and unstimulating. And I don’t want to produce art that is flat and unstimulating!


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