Day 28 & 29 /40 Challenge (dpp)


February 26th, Tuesday (day 28)

I realized today that my numbers have been a little bit off for my challenge. I completed “day 26” yesterday, but am suppose to my on “day 28” today, so we’re gonna start there. (I’m assuming I just missed a day somewhere and didn’t realize because I forgot to blog that day).

So my attention is shifting again to this class, and now it’s going to lean more towards fashion photography. I don’t have tons of photography experience.. but actually still would say I’m more comfortable with it than I am with Adobe programs (such as illustrator). I won’t have the time or capacity to take photos every day but will be able to work towards becoming a more developed photographer every day (in different ways).

That right now looks like planning photo shoots and designing style ideas for them. It will consist of me connecting with people that I can photograph and plan places to go. Along with what clothes they’ll wear! The end goal will still be to incorporate all this work into my portfolio, fitting my brand.

So today, I stressed out for far over 30 minutes, trying to figure that out.

40-day challenge complete!!

February 27th, Wednesday (day 29)

Today I got a better idea of the photography goals I need to set. The first goal is to gather up the clothing style I want to photograph (many of that will be saved through Pinterest). I also have the vision of creating spreads of photography that shows a “full body” image on the left, and a “close up” view of a single piece of clothing on the right.

This will help me be able to focus on photographing people as a whole, but then also switch over to focusing on the clothes/accessories/shoes as individuals. This is the look I want for the magazine and my portfolio!

So I spend lots of time on Pinterest last night and today, as well as contacted two solid people that I can photograph in the next two weeks. I have also set up times this weekend while I’m in Missoula to do some street photography.


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