Day 25 & 26 Challenge (dpp)


Sunday, February 24th

Honestly, I don’t even remember what I did today.

Monday, February 25

Today I sure did complete my challenge, and work towards the finish of my “wildcard assignment,” but didn’t exactly come to the results I desired.

I wanted to use clipping masks to practically “fill” my drawings with a background image. I wasn’t able to figure this technique out for the layers I was trying to use. After watching videos, it seemed that I need to use more simple shapes over an image to mask thoroughly.

So, I ended up doing some sketchy “erasing” technique I made up to get similar results… mostly to show the look I was looking for. Here it is.

Erasing around my vectorized outline merged with the background photo
(taken from illustrator)
Bringing in the vectorized line (again, from illustrator), and placing the layer on top, to redefine black outlines of the dancer.
Oh, and I increased brightness and decreased the opacity of the underlying image to better see black details within the drawing.

Anyways, that part of my experimentation didn’t go great, but I also worked on other images and got some exciting results.

Vectorized with white space deleted out
Restyled with color and typography

I also worked a ton on my resume and business cards today! I went into my InDesign file from my magazine and copied much of the style, fonts, and format design I used in that project! The piece above also displays similar attributes.


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