Day 22-24 Challenge (dpp)


Thursday, February 21st

Well from working on Illustrator for over 5 hours yesterday… I must say my fingers (and even right arm) are quite sore. But, I have decided to do some research on vectorizing images in Illustrator. I thought up a vision of what I would like to create at the end, and thought an o9ld drawing I have a picture of would best fit photo on left). Messing around with the program and watching several videos got me as far as the photo on the right. After I tried placing that on an image background, to find that there was white space left after the trace. This is not what I wanted… but since I met the time criteria, I’ll wait to fix this problem in the next couple days.

Friday, February 22nd

I honestly didn’t do anything for my challenge today. After an early, and long day, at work… my motivation to do anything besides sleep is at a 0.

Saturday, February 23rd

Today I’m back to learning how to transfer a drawing into a more abstract design piece using illustartor.. and perhaps photoshop too. I found a video that gave me more direction of making the image traced product into a transparent path.

This video both reviewed how to “image trace” as well as utilizing the “expand” feature. Then, it went into deleting white space in order to get a transparent path.
And this is where it got me! My vision is to now transfer this outline onto a photographed background, and do what I need with filters, to show a more extensive understanding of the Adobe programs

After moving the image above onto a background, I realized that there was still more adjustments to be made. I went back through and deleted small white spaces left, made the remaining context black, and thickened the stroke. Then I went back into photoshop to layer it on top of an image from UNSLPLASH.

Here is a screenshot of my progress today. There is still a lot of experimentation to do.. as I will mess around with different background images the placement of my drawing on so.

My goal for the next two days is to learn more about clipping masks and utilize the tool on images that can coexist with what I have in process (above). In order to do this, I’ll search for similar styles, colors, and apply similar filters to the end products of the “wildcard assignment” drafts.


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