Day 14/40, 15/40 Challenge (dpp)


Day 14, Tuesday

Today in my conference I got a lot more direction for this class, as well as for this challenge. Right now I have a decent idea of what I’d like my portfolio to look like.. but a lot of work to complete (or at least recreate) to make it a reality. With encouragement from Dawn and Lisa, I’ve decided to shift my focus more on creating/completing work for this class in particular within my 30-minute “focus gaps.”

Though this can very well still include drawing I will also be able to work on design programs and in other mediums as well. I also noticed that blogging has already called me to a higher standard of writing every day, so it seems unnecessary to write for another 30 minutes on top of that. Especially, since I could be developing my portfolio instead.

So today I pulled some old drawing of mine and went over them in black marker. This evolves them to a standard that matches other pieces I am planning to use in my portfolio. This will also create an easier transition when going to vectorize them in photoshop (not that I know how to do that…yet). I don’t have pictures of my work done today, but its there! I also have laid pieces next to each other to see the compatibility of each next to the others. My portfolio is definitely short now, but will not be left that way.

Day 15, Wednesday

Though my focus has changed to working on pieces for my portfolio, today I did not have the time- patience- or really creativity left to work on my drawings. I trained a new barista today at work and had tons of school work to complete afterward- for my classes tomorrow. This included Illustrator homework… which honestly only leaves me frustrated and/or annoyed.

Luckily, I did journal and read this morning before work! This was a quiet time I carved out last night to relax before a long day. This quiet time lasted about 20 minutes. So, I’m going to count it! And if we’re being exact, I also read before bed last night. That could equal 30 minutes! Anyway, I’ll try to do better tomorrow.


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