Day 12/40, 13 /40 Challenge (dpp)


Day 12 Day Challenge (Sunday)

Today I did not complete my 40-day challenge. I did spend lots of time going over some of my designs in Illustrator. Yet, this does not count as it was not hands-on drawing, reading, or writing without distractions. With all the time I have on Sunday, it’s usually a challenge to do anything after I get off work… since all I want to do is rest. After eagerly working in Illustrator for about an hour I prepared myself for the week and surpassed completing my 30 minutes of focus. I did watch a movie or two with my mom though.

Looking at my patterns with this challenge, it’d be realistic to say I have (and will probably continue) to complete my challenge 6/7 days a week. Though this wasn’t my original attention, it could become a more reachable goal for the future. Especially, if I want to continue these practices far after the 40 days required.

Day 13 Day Challenge (Monday)

Mondays are my day to work on any school work I have not completed for the upcoming week. Therefore, it’s my one and only responsibility to wrap it up! Unlike last week, when I waited to do ALL my school work on Monday (spending about 7 very stressful hours in total), I allowed myself to goof off a bit during the day (this entailed rearranging my entire room and making food) and doing my remaining school work (about 2 hours worth) in the afternoon. Thirty minutes of that two hours I worked on my challenge! I may have surpassed the 30 marks as well, for I got very “lost” in the drawing I completed below drawing below. Not sure if you can tell, but that is quite the piece of paper. Bug enough that I used jumbo sharpies on the entire thing!

Free drawing all of it, I wondered what it would be like to draw in pencil first, erase, redo, and go over a more final draft in marker. I was pretty satisfied with what was completed in a short amount of time, but this is a design I could surely complete better if I were to spend a couple hours. Another option would be downloading it into illustrator and making edits on the program (edits that you cant make with marker).

Something awesome about the work I’m starting to do is that it looks like a series.. or a group… or a brand! I am noticing, and now being more intentional with, the ongoing look of my art that will coincide with my brand I will represent with this class. That brand strongly represents me.


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