Day 11/40 Challenge Continued (dpp)


Day 11 Day Challenge (Saturday)

On Saturdays, I usually go skiing, as it’s my only guaranteed day off from both work and school. But due to the gnarley weather this week, worsening today, the mountain was closed. This gave me valued time today to work on homework, run errands, and buy an awesome (used, AND affordable) desk! Part of the homework I did was messing around on Illustrator and InDesign to further develop my logo and start a layout for my resume. I also took time last night and this morning to read AND journal. This has set a nice pace for me to focus on myself, as well as what I need to remain in touch with my own life.

I can be very quick to meet others needs first, be social with friends before spending time alone, and show up to every event- no matter how tired I am. There has been a habit in my life to go go go, with little recollection of where I actually want to end up at. It seems as taking time to slow down will be a healthy habit for me to incorporate in my adult life. Spending time on creating and editing work that means a lot to me will also be a great way to see the value of an investment; opposed to the thrill of completing things fastly and/or without much thought. Even with money, I’m finding the strategy in buying nicer things (though it hurts the bank account more), to ensure a longer likeness, quality, and longevity of it.

Here’s an awesome article about investing in yourself and your future:


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