Day 9/40, Day 10/40  (dpp)


(Challenge Continued)

For these two days, I spent my 30+ minutes developing logo ideas for my brand. (pictures to still be posted). Though I attempted to draw an arrange of ideas, all seemed to stick to a very similar style. Looking at each page by the finish, I was quickly able to discern which ones I liked most. My intention is to pick my few favorites and download them into illustrator. From there I’ll draw over to use in my brand and magazine.

Day Nine (Drawing Without Distractions) Progress

Taking this time aside to invest in my future dreams has been very empowering. All it took was a large pad of paper, a package of sharpies, and time set aside to create. By the end of sketching, I was happy to look over my work and know that this is only the beginning. Even though I wasn’t proud of most of the drawings, I thought of the potential within them of what these ideas could still become. It was interesting to think of the development that could take place in the next year (in regards to my brand in particular) and consider the contentment with looking back at where it all started. These sketches I worked on these past two days, are that start.

Day Ten (Drawing Without Distractions) Progress

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