Day 7 & 8 (dpp)


Day 7/40, Day 8/40 (Day Challenge)

Dang, I would have liked to try this challenge in a slower season of my life. perhaps in the fall before starting school back up? Because, as valuable as reading/writing/drawing is to me, it still has been a struggle to complete 30 minutes of such in the past two days. Even if I’m intentional in remembering to complete my challenge, and planning to complete it at a certain point in my day; things are constantly coming up. With two full days at work yesterday and today, along with tons of school work… I chose to spend time relaxing socially instead of spending time alone without distractions. It seems like some days are wide open to investing in myself. Where others, tend to be nearly possible.

I hope that the longer this challenge goes and the more I do it, there will be more of a habit established in investing to things I love daily (whether or not there seems to be time). I will say that this is not only the practice I’ve recently been failing at. You could include working out, skiing on my days off, and spending as much time socially as I prefer. Again, this is all coming with the beginning of a new season.. back at school. To be honest, though, I don’t dislike it. I so far am actually enjoying having the structure, responsibility, and investment that’s come into being back in class. So not all bad, just new.


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