Artist Statement (dpp)

Developer/Artist Statement

PROMPT: What job are you going to apply for when you graduate?

When I graduate I will apply to work as a design director for Darling Magazine.

With an AAS in Graphic design, my personal blog/magazine, as well as a full portfolio combining writing, design, communication, and networking skills; I will be able to exhibit many qualifications for such a position.

My Artist Goals

with Darling Magazine will include the following:

  • Give thorough feedback to interns, volunteers, and employees
  • Stay true to the magazine’s vision
  • Cultivate a healthy, professional, and positive environment
  • Focus on the brand of Daling Magazine, and market it accordingly
  • Manage time wisely and help others meet deadlines
  • Put standards in place to be met by everyone in the company
  • Assign projects to each individual in retrospect to their strength

My Style




Portfolio Idea

For my portfolio, I will present the final print of Fashion&Soul Magazine. This will be in the form of an actual magazine displaying design, writing and networking skills. How? The layout will demonstrate skills in InDesign, as well as my natural eye for spacing, color, line, style, and distribution within a developed piece. My writing will be shown throughout the project, as 75% of the articles are personally written by me. Networking skills are established within the entire production, as all photography incorporated is done by different artists around the world (all in which I have personally contracted through social media, email, and interrelations).

How can this class challenge you?

This class is challenging me as I must create new content throughout the course (on top of the assignments assigned) in order to fulfill the portfolio requirements. I am not in my last semester of the AAS program, therefore am underqualified compared to other students. I have some experience in varying graphic design programs but have yet to complete (or even be in) any second level courses. For this reason, I must be creative in presenting work outside of registered classes. I am already being challenged for creating a brand for myself outside of a typical graphic designer profile as that is not an immediate goal with my schooling. Instead, to gain the skills of the design programs to professionally finish the first edition of my magazine.

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