Drawing on Day 5 &6 (dpp)


Day 5

Yesterday I did end up spending 30 minutes writing in my journal as planned! Today, I took time in the afternoon to draw for about 35 minutes. I again used my phone to look at a picture of reference and also listened to music but did my best to focus mostly on my drawing. At the beginning of today I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to do so alone, but finding time to do so, even though I was around my family (getting ready for the Superbowl)- I’m glad I followed through! Here is a picture of my drawing.

Day 6

Today I worked on tons of my homework for this class. One of those assignments was to sketch up some personal branding. Opposed to spending 20 minutes on this… I spent what felt like 2 hours (maybe closer to 90 minutes). Anyways, I have counted this as my daily challenge since this was A LOT of creative sketching towards my personal goals (and a majority done without any distraction).




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