Day 4/40 Challenge (dpp)


Day 4

Today has been a relaxing day. I did something I never do, and stayed in bed till 2pm! With that said, I knew there’d be no excuse to not complete my challenge today. I have not done it yet, but have made a gap tonight in which I’ll journal for 30+ minutes about my life currently. Journaling is a practice I was very thorough with for about two years… really up until this fall. I would consistently write about what happened in my days, how it made me feel, and what I hoped it could lead to. I came to a place where I needed to set that aside and focus on just living out some time (without writing it out or reading into everything that happened within a day).

I know there have been memories lost in the time I haven’t write. Along, with the mental, emotional, and spiritual processing that would have been accomplished in writing down what I was feeling. So my intention is to find a balance in not writing EVERYTHING down, but checking in with my journal every few days with the highs/lows of the past time. Tonight, I think there will be a lot to write down and work through on paper, but it will be a great start to finding value again in this practice.


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