40 Day Challenge Intro (dpp)

40 Day Challenge – Blog Entry #2

PROMPT: Write a blog post about what you are going to do for the next 40 days and why?

This semester I am in a class called “Digital Portfolio Presentation.” Our first project in this class was to imagine our “ideal day.” practically, daydreaming of our best life in five (or three) years from now. Taking into consideration the practices we would carry throughout this day, we will be challenged to implement one of them for 40 days. So, that’s what this project is about! I will not only choose one thing to do every day for 40 days but also blog about my daily progress.

Sunday, Jan 27 (updated Jan.30): For my 40-day challenge I have decided to invest in three practices I want to practice strongly in my “ideal life” These are writing, reading, and drawing. I have provided room for variety in these tasks by setting a goal to do at least ONE of the three tasks every day, for 40 days. Though this seems very broad, I will measure my commitment by doing whatever it is for 30 minutes (or more of course) uninterrupted. My hope is this will help me keep a focus on the single task at hand (another quality I am in need of).

I believe this will be a great practice to implement into every day, whether its a writing in my personal journal, reading a leadership book, or sketching a friend a tattoo; this challenge will give me both the flexibility and consistency I need to be successful. By being intentional with 30 minutes every day to invest in ME, my skills, my creativity, and my brain, I believe I’ll take much more away than a grade from this project.

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