Vision Statement Brainstorm (dpp)

Vision Statement Brainstorming – Blog Entry #1

  • Take a picture of brainstorming and post it
  • Vision Statement – three versions posted on blog (45-65 words)

I’m in an elevator and have 45 seconds to sell myself… what do I say?

  1. Hi there, my name is Felicia and I am most passionate about people, design, and experiencing new things. Combining this with my interest in illustration, fashion, visual art, social media, communication, and travel; I have been searching for work that fits all I am, and that which I offer. Since I was young I’ve wanted to influence people with what I do, while enjoying my field by utilizing my gifts.
  2. Hi there, my name is Felicia and I have always had a love for design. Bouncing around from wanting to go to school for fashion, then business, then communications; I found myself beginning to travel instead. In the process of finding my self in experiencing new places and meeting incredible people; I’ve found deeper roots. Now I am here in Montana, working towards my dream to freelance.
  3. Hi there, my name is Felicia and my brand is Fashion&Soul. F&S has started as a magazine with the intentions to become so much more. It’s the beginning of a platform that will connect women internationally to bring hope, justice, and new life in varying communities. The brand displays the power in simplicity, as the vision is to network like-minded people to create together. The purpose is to aid businesses, nonprofits, and teams whose goal is to also empower women.

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