Fashion & Soul (pt.1)

Opening Notes

Writing this series has been incredibly challenging. Here I am, trying to empower people to seek truth, freedom, and renewal in their lives and wardrobe; yet, I am in need of these same revelations.

In my attempt to encourage readers to let go of what people think; there are still days I hold on. As I seek to encourage a healthy thought life; I am fighting every day to speak truth into my own mind. While I encourage readers to break out of their comfort zone, redefine boundaries, and reach into new waters of freedom; I think of all the times (even moments recently) that I’ve lived in immense bondage.

Writing before I’ve shared parts of my story, short summaries of sermons I’ve enjoyed, and revelations I’ve had in my own seasons; but for these pieces, I wanted to do something different. This blog series is meant for something more.

Within the words, I write I want to share what God says regarding these topics. Not because they’re easy to write, not for my own liking of them, nor for the reason I think they’ll attract an audience. Instead, I write because I believe in calling. And for some reason, I feel called to exactly this.

The ideas I have, the beliefs I hold, and the concepts I share are imperfect- incomplete- and perhaps not even relevant to you. Still, I believe there’s power to be found between the lines and in each readers interpretation. I believe God can speak to you through my writing. For, He has placed this on my heart for such a time as this. For that reason – I am grateful, excited, and deeply honored to make these attempts.

My hope is that these words become real to you; that they help, inspire, encourage, and bring light to you. I pray that they break through to you, and replace any insecurity in your life with beauty, kindness, and hope.

As we dive in together to discover what God has, may our efforts be blessed. May the search for truth, freedom, as renewal not stop here. May this act as a small spark that starts a great fire within us. May it warm us in every season to come.

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