Fashion & Soul (pt.4)

F&S, Fashion & Soul / Fall 2018

Renewal: to make like new: RESTORE to freshness, revive, rebuild, resume, restore, repeat

Reinventing New

New is exciting. I witness over and over again in my life the excitement of a new beginning. Yet, no matter how much I desire change, I often feel stuck in the same old routines. “I’m the same old me, with the same old goals, relationships, job, struggles, and hobbies.”

I urge for enhancement in position without enduring the process necessary. And if that enrichment doesn’t happen fast enough, then it’s off to the next. (talk about impatience!)

The need to experience the newness of change disturbs my present commitments as it becomes more important to “keep up” and “keep moving” than it is to “hold on” and “press in.”

I propose that this type of approach is caused by our present society driven by “instant gratification,” and it’s stripping value from the power of wait. For me, it’s also a root leading to constant anxiety about my future.

So, when we arrive in the stir-motion of “I want this and I want it now,” we may only need to declare the inaccuracy of “the grass is greener on the other side,” and break out of the box we’ve put ourselves in. I love the quote “the grass is greener where you water it.”

The box is built by the predetermined boundaries, beliefs, fears and the doubts that keep people out, us in, and the world small. It’s the walls in our lives that hold us in the captivity of hopelessness, which eventually holds us back from all we can become. Such a box is a place where we sit alone and let bad experiences eat away at our ambition.

Being quick to believe a negative situation has no way of changing, that something we’ve been given to us has no sense of value, or restraining our future by claiming that the past will always define us, will quickly rot away the beautiful potential within us that we have the right to. When we become trapped in the box of negative thinking, we give that right away.

There’s a great chance we’ll also get stuck by remaining over-fastened on something, someone, or even a place: leaving no room for adjustment.  These times are amplified by conclusions such as “ if this doesn’t work this exact way, it can’t work at all; and if it doesn’t work at all, there’s no chance of another opportunity like this coming.” Now, we have placed ourselves back in the box, away from the hope for miracles, good stories, and new beginnings.

As our expectations, thoughts, and practices remain old, so do we. For the predetermined belief that something (or someone) is incapable, unchanging, or worthless instantly devalues any potential placed within that person, place, or thing but God to become great. Seriously, the worst of the worst still has room for redemption into new… no matter how broken or old.

Aim for Excellence

Despite what season we find ourselves in, there’s always situations, relationships, projects, and so on, that we could work better at. Even in our own self-care, hobbies, and skills; there’s always room for improvements along with the potential for excellence. This has been challenging for me in seasons that I’m not doing exactly what I love. The flaw is that it’s my choice whether or not to love what I’m doing. Plus, I always end up enjoying the work I do when I complete it with excellence. That for me means no shortcuts. It means doing it the best to my ability and completing it in the time I’m given. This can look like doing a thorough job on a task given to you at work or loving well in a friendship; practicing forgiveness, authenticity, vulnerability, and integrity with the people already placed in your life.

Gain New Perspective

There comes a time that you just gotta lock down and love yourself; as well as open your mind to more than you already know. Do whatever you can to gain new perspective; it will aid you in turning old pain into new energy- hopeless into motivation.

Do what you can to see your story in a new light. From there, you can broaden that blaze in other areas of your life.

I think it’s incredibly important to know how you process and put that to use. For me, I am a verbal processor, so if I need a new perspective I must talk it through with another person. Perhaps it’s better for you to write, challenge yourself physically, create a piece of art, listen to music, or spend alone time with God. Make space in your days and weeks to get out, meet with friends, practice self-love, and pursue travel.

The first step to finding renewal may simply be going something new, even for a day; and that’s up to you.

Do Your Best First

A powerful place to start it by doing the best you can…. with what you’ve already got. It’s unreal what can happen when we utilize the objects/relationships/gifts laying right out in front of us. Open your eyes, get creative, practice gratefulness. Don’t trade in who you OR what you already have, for what is “new” “cool” or “in.” Instead, live a life of trend by being who you are, expressing what you’ve been through, pouring into positive relationships, practicing mindfulness, and work towards your dreams one day at a time.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, but remember the small changes we can make to arrive at a new place. If your best is to put two dollars aside a day to go eat lunch out of town on the weekend- do it. If it’s putting one hour aside to invest in someone besides yourself, even if it’s for your own well-being too- schedule it. We are beyond blessed to be able to make these commitments for ourselves and in the process better our longevity of living better, loving well, and reinstating renewal.

Romans 12:2 says,  “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.”


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