Refusal for Mediocracy

“Live a life that is radical,

intentional,  and full.

Flee from normal,

do crazy things,

and follow your dreams.”

PSHHH easier said than done,

now that I’m here.

“Fight your doubts with truth!”

As for a moment, I believe, that my 8 to 4 … forever my destiny.

But do I believe, in destiny?

For I have no destination; only journey.

It’d be easy to settle. I could be happy and keep to my own.

I could set my table here and eat my Christmas meal.

Something inside me refuses. The refusal for mediocracy.

A comfortable place to stay, a job that provides, healthy habits, and a stable routine…

What more could I want? Is this what life is about?

Another no.

There is more.

Art to be created, people to save, friendships to be made, a God to make know, adventure to be enjoyed, success to be shared, a world to see.

I cannot stay.

But where do I go? Where do I start? How do I continue on?

The answer is not clear, the path is not easily traveled. The temptation is to settle.

But I refuse.

May my effort be the evidence, my passion – the protest, and my dedication – the declaration.

I feel lost, but not all alone.

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