Who Is He?

He has defeated death,

overcome evil.

My insecurities,  worries, and fear

wash away.

With Him, I am able to love greater,

to grow deeper,

to cultivate a life of passion and freedom.

Because of Him, I am free

My old self, she falls away.

I find my soul again

My confirmation comes from above.

I rejoice in the simple gospel

My confidence is complete.

I fall, He picks me up

My foot is far from stumbling.

Yet I stumble,

More grace.


Always loved.

On the mountaintop,

in the valleys,

hold onto who He is.

Those who hurt surround me.

He is in control,

I pray.

I am hurting,

He prays.

His heart hurts for them, for me.

But there’s a dream,


People redeemed,

In the time to come.

But also,

Here and now.


There is nothing I hold onto.

I will climb this mountain,

with my hands wide open.

I give it all to you God, trusting that you will

make something beautiful out of me.

Make something beautiful out of us.

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