A Morning Motivation

Wake up


No great need to rush


What’s the first thing on my mind?

Surrender so

And just be thankful

You are here, alive, and able

You are loved

You are a new creation

This day has incredible potential

What can you do first for yourself?

Coffee? Read? Meditate? Journal? Stretch? Prepare a fabulous breakfast?

Maybe do it all.

Not much time? Just take 5. This time is essential.

Don’t pick up your phone, it’s not going to go anywhere. Your device doesn’t deserve your first thoughts.

This is your day, the world awaits.

Let go of any worries or anxieties. They don’t get to control your life anymore.

What’s the hardest thing you need to do today? Can you do it first? You should.

Do one thing at a time. Organize your thoughts and prioritize your day. Choose the three most important things to focus on. Perhaps even one.

Set a goal, any goal. Make it small, make it memorable. At the end of your day you can look back at your accomplishment.

Communicate well at work – Don’t eat added sugar – Take my dog on a walk – Do a 20 minutes yoga video – Read 5 pages of a new book – Get some fresh air in between classes -Find an awesome lunch for under $8. Make a new freind?

Turn on your favorite tunes. Perhaps even an instrumental to bring peace into this morning.

As time goes by maybe a classmate, co worker, freind, or family member pops into your mind. Text them, let them know you care.


Do what’s next. Focus your best. Try not to get distracted.

Get ready, prepare your heart.

Allow yourself to fail. You are still learning, along with all of us.

This morning is a gift, and the beginning of a valuable day.

You are here. You are capable.

You are blessed, so be blessed.

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  1. This is very well put! I love this, I can hear your voice straight through like your just giving me the best advice ever


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