“Grandpa made me do it”

January 26th. Friday. Vegas

The day started quite. I spend some time in the Word and read a few pages of the book Fearless (by Max Lucado) before my grandparents came and joined me. Grandma was off to the physical therapist, I and grandpa stayed behind to drink some coffee and explore a book of our ancestors. I grabbed the globe to visualize the movement of the people before me; as grandpa flipped through pictures, birth certificates, and so on. Though my mom’s grandparents and parents were born in Maui, those before then came from Madera. I continued to study the map in amazement in all the places I dream to go.

In the afternoon we drive to Hoover Dam and took a walk by Lake Mede. So many pretty ducks and huge fish by the shore. Shortly after, we were back at the airport to pick up my friend and prior roommate Joanne. We all enjoyed a little bit of gambling and a lot of Mexican food at South Point.

I gambled $3 (and lost terribly)

Phone charger: $30

Blog domain: $48

Breakfast: Birthday cake oh yea

Travel tip of the day: find out where your family is from! Look at it on the map, imagine the place back in the day. Start saving to go visit there.

Daily insight: we have so many choices, and over time even the little decisions sculpt the life we live. What we eat, who we spend time with, the perspective we take. Our habits, the media we intake, and thoughts we release, the words we say, the jobs we say yes to, the opportunists we say no to – all define who we become tomorrow. For me, it’s hard to always accept, but most of these choices are up to me.

January 27th. Saturday. Vegas, Los Angeles

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

‭‭John‬ ‭3:30‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Enjoying our Mexican leftovers! for breakfast, we and Joanne would soon be headed to the airport. All went smoothly till Joanne realized something was missing…. oops we left her carry-on on the plane. This is what happens when you have two excited girls getting off a plane to soon reunite with friends. Luckily, Joanne survived the following days without her belongings and a few days later, the bag would arrive FedEx. We picked up the rental car (highly recommend, yet highly expensive), and headed to the base.

Flight Las Vegas to Los Angeles: $40 (2 bags included)

Rental Car for 4 days: $240 (split in 2)

Wow + $200 after insurance and under sage fee

Room at YWAM LA base: $35 donation per night (split in 2)

Dinner at Panda Express: $10

Sandals at Ross: $13

Snacks! $11

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