blind & falling over

How’s life treating you Felicia?

Well, a little like my ski day went today…

The visibility was terrible,

at parts, I didn’t know the difference between up and down,

yet somehow I knew where my very next turn was… (not the one after that though)

and I spent a lot of time on the edge…

where the snow is better but the terrain is riskier.

I fell quite a few times

but, had lots of fun while I did it.

My face kinda hurts…

But laughing at myself helped…

and the whole time, I knew that somehow,

I was getting better.

Slowly but surely…

I  had it in me, to just keep going…

That can be easy to do when you’re skiing (and have to get to the bottom somehow), but how does this concept play into our actual lives?

For me, it seems like this illustration perfectly describes my journey over the past 6 months. Not sure where I’m going, or even where I’m at right now, but somehow always having the next step perfectly carved out for me. Again, not knowing where it’s leading or even what it means; yet, finding a deep joy that comes with laughter and growth always accompanying me on the way.

Like skiing, there’s been a rhythm to how life goes. Not that every beat makes sense or every season is awesome, but each is a critical part of the overall song. The good moments aren’t equally weighed or distributed against the bad ones. Neither are even predictable as a new day begins…..but together they all make sense. At times, it an entire verse, or an entire month. Sometimes perhaps even the entire song has to run through, or a year has to go by to realize what each beat meant. I’m convinced that in some circumstances it takes longer. I know there are things I went through as a child that I’m STILL figuring out.. but I know its all part of the song my life plays.

I remember one particular idea I opened up to while hiking up in Los Padres. As I reflected on that prior year, I realized that over and over (within that past year); everything I understood/experienced one day, I utilized/explored in the months following. Practically, God taught me exactly what I needed in the future while I was still in the present. Where it may have seemed random or unnecessary, I was becoming equipt with exactly what I needed for all that happened next.

Think of a good father who gives you a can of bear spray for your trip to Montana, somewhere you’ve never been (unless you already have, then just pretend). Not knowing why you need, what it’s for, and why its necessary; (also pretend you know nothing about bears) you take it. Actually, since you have so much trust in your father you take it to the level of cherishing it, learning all about it, and practicing using it correctly (in this scenario that may involve not practicing at all, haha). Anyways, you weren’t planning on going near any bears, but if you do- you’re ready! Well, guess what, your dad must have known you would run into some crazy awesome adventure seeking Montanans (there’s a lot of us here), therefore taking you to the depths of Glacier National Park….then BOOM! What do you and the group need that perhaps no one else thought to bring along? BEAR SPRAY! : The unneeded, confusing, gift your father gave you for a trip… that you weren’t even on yet…

And, that’s what God does.

He gave me a heart for my hometown while I was on the other side of the world, and in each encounter, prepared me to come back and live here. I would’ve thought it was a joke back then…

And now I’ve been here for a year, and honestly, I still don’t fully know why.

But I know it’s been wonderful?

I do know I’ve been equipt with SO MANY experiences, and lessons, and realizations, and moments, that have grown me deeper than I could have imagined. None of them have sent me back overseas, shown me a career path, or revealed what my life is going to look like…even in the next three months. But, I do know this; perfect, clear, sunny, pow days are best fulfilled after you learn to ski in the one-chair visibility.

Plus, if you can enjoy either day, you can enjoy any day….

So, laugh at yourself,

and do what you love.

Carry bear spray, and know God is preparing you for something great…

You are just a work in progress, yet still, worthy beyond compare.

Happy Sunday!!

❤ Felicia

“Seek good now, find favor later”

“If you don’t like what you’re getting, change what you’re doing”

“Ongoing consistency is much more important than short-term intensity.”

-Levi Lusko (Fresh Life Church)

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