Always Unique and Forever Communicating

Growing up people always told me “oh you’re so unique.” As a 16-year old I took this more of an offense than a compliment. For some reason I would have rather heard something more, well, mainstream. Why couldn’t they just tell me I was pretty or athletic or someone to be envied (yes, high school messes with your head). As I was trying to climb into the box of “fitting in,” my true identity begged from within me to be let out. Today, as a 19 year old, I know my true self much better than I did three years ago. After graduating high school I’ve witnessed an incredible increase in self-discovery. [practicing to love yourself daily is a good place to start]. Truly, I am proud to be where I am today, but that place surely isn’t anywhere near perfection. I still struggle with even the simple stuff, like being myself no matter who is watching; still having the  unrealistic desire to impress people by being someone i’m not. Yet, as I dig deeper to find underlying motives of my heart and hidden hurts from my past, I have come to realize it is possible.

It is possible to be who we once were to begin with. Before all that crappy stuff happened in our families, before that guy/girl broke our heart, before we altered our amazing uniqueness to fit earthly expectations, before we went crazy trying to meet unrealistic standards, before we had to take on a role that was never ours to fill.

All this to say I learned a lot this week. A lot on our week’s topic, which was communications (with Jospeh Avakian), but also a lot about myself in relation to it. Joseph informed us that a good communicator can do much with a little, and much with much. Honestly, i’m not sure if I do either, but for the rest of this blog my attempt is to say a lot with only few words. Here are some of the things I am working through, many which were provoked by Josephs teaching.

  • God knows me better than i know myself
  • Everyone is created unique, not one person is like another
  • Chasing someone else life will never bring fulfillment in our own
  • Whether its on purpose or not, my insecurities will come out in the way I communicate
  • Is the message I carry enhancing or hiding the greatness within the individual i’m speaking to?
  • Am I being driven by my freedom or by my fear?
  • First we must accept ourselves, it’s then when we can begin to truly love ourselves
  • Uniqueness isn’t a set back it’s an opportunity, a gift, and an expression of God’s artful creation
  • Instead of trying to change people, let them own what they own and offer them what they need and don’t have
  • Its better that we learn to appreciate our differences than allow them to bring uneeded frustration
  • I am made to live to the rhythm of my own heart
  • We have the option to either be part of the problem, or part of the solution
  • Our comfort zones can become our prison.
  • Just because i’m speaking the truth doesn’t mean its out of love (which it should be)
  • Am I putting myself above or below others? Both are a demonstration of arrogance
  • Ask, don’t assume.
  • It’s better to be known than to be hidden behind the unknown
  • Practice love, embrace love, usher love, allow love, and give love
  • Leading with integrity calls for consistency and follow through
  • Be the best you that you can be
  • Our differences are the most beautiful things we have
  • I’m not always going to have a solution, but I can always be there to listen
  • Who am I to love you any different that God loves you?
  • I can either be a product of my environment or my environment can become a product of God inside me.
  • Don’t only expect authenticity, create it
  • If I don’t take catch up with my past, my past will catch up with me
  • God isn’t going to give me something i’m not ready for
  • Be the kind of friend you are looking for
  • It’s not only how I act when life is great, but also who I am when everything goes wrong
  • It’s okay to ask for help
  • And it’s also okay to not be okay

Oh, and last but not least….

“Have courage and be kind.”

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