The Perfect Personalties for Personal Passions 

Our dreams reflect our characteristics because our characteristics are what God gave us. God gives us everything we need to fulfill the desires He’s place in our hearts. 

Do you believe it? I kinda did before, and really do now. Let me explain a little. 
This past week was week six in my school of ministry development. We took a deeper look into personality tests; seeking out the characteristics placed inside us. These characteristics are what form the base of who we are. 

“Who am I?” is a BIG question, and after evaluating several different tests, I believe that they’re a great place to start.
Being aware of the areas you have natural talent in, what spiritual gifts you’ve been given, creates so much room to grow individually as well as team. These tests give an understanding why you might do the things you do, like the things you like, and get energy from situations others might not.
I don’t have that much psychological background, besides that which I gained these past few days, but I did gain a lot of new spiritual insight throughout this teaching.
The lectures started Monday with out speaker, Sharon, directing us to write down our dream. Pretty easy, right? Not exactly… but with a dram of time I found myself quickly jotting a few things down. Knowing I had like a billion others fantasies I hope to one day become a reality. I found myself encrypting general themes that reoccurred in the heart of my more specific dreams. Looking down at a half sheet I somehow felt content. No details, no colors, no patterns, no business plans, (totally unlike me) I experienced God’s Peace as he confirmed that it was okay. 

Moving into identifying the different results on each personality test, I felt intrigued to know deeper into the percentages, numbers, and letters laying out in front of me. Even better I began to see how all this psychological stuff had a direct connection to being created in God’s image. My favorite concert Sharon brought in was the unity found in diversity. Realizing that the test results weren’t to be compared, but for us to know and learn how our differences were in the use of painting God’s bigger picture. That the church is one body, made up of individual parts- each membee being different in a way which makes them fundament in the overall progress of God’s people. (ref. 1 Corinthians 12). 

Testing tools aren’t used to box us in, but instead create direction for ourselves and appreciation for others. 
As we continued to go through slides, taking notes we began to highlight particular words in the descriptions of our replays that popped out to us- characteristics, gifts, adjectives that we could relate to. Making these words come to life we wrote them down on a picture of a flower. Four petals for each test taken (Strengthsfinder, spiritual motivational gifts, Myers-Briggs, DISC). From there we pulled out common words and wrote them in the center of our daisy. These words became our “power alleys”. I enjoyed seeing how there many common themes there were in my results. Looking at a singular test which claims “you’re friendly, sociable, and love people” is one thing, but witnessing all four tests claiming these characteristics; was such an encouraging confirmation! 
After working on the flowers we were instructed in creating a fun little box out of card paper (not considering the dreams we wrote down a few days prior). After this fun activity we were instructed to take our box, along with our dream, and ask God what it all meant. How the dream fit in the box, perhaps how it didn’t fit in the box, if they had to do anything with each other, etc. Ten minutes went by, and our class came back together. Each student and staff with a personal revelation from God. 

This is what God spoke to me, along with a few other students. 

So there was the box, it represented me. Unique it was made up of the card stock I chose and to the size I made it, created by my own hands. No box was like it, as it represented my indicud characteristics, personality, soul, spirit, body, and so on. Then there was my dreams, my desires, and the heart behind them in which God had placed inside me from the beginning. Again, so different from any of those in which my classmates wrote down.

That by itself it pretty cool to think about, but what was cooler was how they fit together. Not only physically, like “oh look my paper fits in the box I made, it’s meant to be” – but also spiritually, in the realm unseen.
So, here are a few of the dreams I wrote down Monday. Take note of the worked italicized, they are ones that were also found in my power alleys. (Remember, the recurring themes found in at least three out of the four test results)

1. Influence people worldwide to seek God, follow their dreams, and love who they were created to be 
2. Help people find vision for their life’s, and partner with them in making (create) those dreams a reality
3. Love Jesus, along with people well. Always pursue a deeper relationship (intimacy)
4. Own a business (network) , begin a ministry (pioneer), write, create, and lead
5.Bring value, strength, and unity into all aspects of family.
So there it is. God spoke in simply showing me this recurring pattern. The pattern that every aspect of my life directly lines up with each other, with His heart.

This week I learned that God is not only creative, but He creates with intention. God doesn’t just sit up in Heaven, bored out of His mind, creating people just because there’s nothing better to do. Everything and everyone God has and continues to create is destined for purpose. He molds us precisely to fit this purpose. From the tippy top of our heads, to the ends of our toes, and everything in between has a reason behind it. Even the smallest details are all a part of God’s greater, skillful design. 

I saw it for myself: written down on paper, placed in a box, expressed in class discussion, hearing God’s voice. I’m proud to say I do know who I am, I’m very aware of my dreams (even if they aren’t in detailed), and now I know that they were created in intention to work together.I may not know how yet, but this week was prefect place to start. 

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