About Me

Hello there! My name is Felicia, and this is a little about me.

I currently live in Montana, where I also grew up. It is beautiful here and the people are incredibly friendly. I ski in the winter, and have done so since I was young. In the summer I love swimming at sunset, hiking with friends, and attending the local farmers market.

Though life here in Montana remains simple and close to my heart … I have a huge passion for travel, design, fashion, and communication as my dream is to live in the city!

Yet, I’ve found it’s less of where you are, little of what you do, but mostly.. why you do it.

My Story

Over the past three years of my life I’ve gone in and out of many different seasons that have heavily depended on heavy transitions and growth-elevating experiences. From doing missions in Bosnia to living in Switzerland, to spending time in California and traveling all up over the West on my own, I keep coming back to my home valley to work at a local coffee shop, spend time with my family, and study graphic design at FVCC.

Since I was a sophomore in high school I’ve had a lean towards design, and working in the field. My dream coming out of high school was to work in fashion, and go to school for merchandise marketing. I thought it’d be so cool to be a buyer for a store like Nordstrom!

Circumstances in my life began to change and I no longer had the money, means, or resources to attend the Fashion Institute, as I had initially planned. Four years later, I still haven’t attended fashion school, but I have come to greater place in my journey as a young adult. That place is involves knowing who I am, being steady in what I want, and having a vision of how I need to get there. It isn’t a direct plan such as “go to school, get this degree, then get a job here.” It instead, is an inward mission of what influence I desire to have in whatever I do.

Long story short, my passion for fashion hasn’t disappeared, but shifted into a more real life goal of photographing fashion AND continuing to work on my magazine that will display it.

With this in mind, I’ve been able to go back to school this semester and focus my degree directly on fashion photography, magazine layout, and branding myself as a designer. As well as enhance my skills in illustrator, filming, video editing, Indesign, and photoshop.

Oh and don’t let me forget that I’ve created my website! That you are now on! This is now another platform where I am able to share my work, my brand, and my progress as a student and photographer.

The awesome part about design (and displaying that on website) is that we get to utilize everything we are, all the work we have created, and the vision we are pouring into. Then, we get to display that to a connected world in an authentic, aesthetic, and influential way!

Following is a little more about me, my goals as an artist, and person style. All this has fed into both the my brand and the work you’ll see throughout this site..

My Artist Goals

  • Give thorough feedback to interns, volunteers, and employees
  • Stay true to the the company’s vision that I am working for
  • Cultivate a healthy, professional, and positive environment
  • Focus on the brand of myself as an artist, and market it accordingly
  • Manage time wisely and meet deadlines on time, always
  • Use my strengths in creating great work, while also challenging myself in weaknesses by taking on tasks and projects that are out of my comfort zone

My Style


This Seasons’s Inspiration


Stores I Love

Pixie Market



Brands I Love

Steve Madden


Michael Kors

My Dream Job(s)

  • Freelancing as a fashion photographer
  • Project managing for a design based company
  • Working as a interior designer for custom homes
  • Owning my own coffee shop (with a spectacular retail area of course)
  • Pioneering a local style magazine in the place I live